Hotels or AirBnb?

There are many properties for sale nowadays, such as Parkhill Residence. Some people prefer to buy properties for investment purpose or make them into an Airbnb to rent to travellers. Making your property into an Airbnb is one of the ways to earn extra side income. Many travellers nowadays prefer Airbnb over hotels due to the design or the location of property. This article will give you  some tips on whether to choose a hotel or an Airbnb.

Hotels Or AirBnb

Reasons to stay in a hotel

  • Plenty of amenities

Hotels come with plenty of amenities for their guests to enjoy. Guests get to enjoy free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free gymnasium entry, free swimming pool and so on. These are the amenities that you do not get from staying in an Airbnb. Staying in a hotel also comes with free house keeping services that keep your room clean and tidy everyday. Someone will make your bed and provide you with new towels everyday. All these come with no extra charges as it is already included in the fees that you paid.

  • Everything is guaranteed

You get what you see. You know exactly what you will get when you walk in the hotel. It is the sense of familiarity that soothes you. You get the assurance from the hotel’s advertisement. You know exactly what you will get from the hotel the moment you walk in. You do not have to worry about not getting what the advertisement stated. The furniture will look exactly the same as the pictures you see on the websites.

  • Easier check in

Checking into a hotel is much more hassle free and easier than checking into an Airbnb. You just need to walk into the lobby anytime you prefer. You might even be able to check in earlier if they have extra room.

  • No last minute cancellation

One of the scariest things when it comes to travelling is to have your accommodation-cancelled last minute. With a booking with hotel, you will not have to take the risk of last minute cancellation. The hotel is not going to cancel your booking once your booking is confirmed. Rest assured that you would have a place to stay when you touch down your travel destination. You can also amend your reservation on short notice. You do not need to worry about cancellation, or worst, cancellation without notice. That is going to be the biggest nightmare for travellers.

  • No racism issue

Racism issues do not happen when you stay in a hotel. Unlike Airbnb, certain races get rejected by Airbnb hosts due to their colors or races. Although there is a policy developed to combat racism issues, the problem still exists. Prejudice still happen and extend beyond the hosts. By staying in a hotel where booking is not decided by the hosts, racism issues could be eliminated.

Reasons to stay in an Airbnb

  • You get to rent an entire unit

Airbnb properties are usually more spacious than a hotel room. For example, a family of 4 members can stay in an Airbnb, however, would need to book two rooms if they were to book a hotel. Airbnb usually comes by renting a whole unit with at least 2 bedrooms for guests. This is more suitable for a group of travellers or a group of friends who travel together. A large group can stay together instead of having to book separate rooms. You get to use the kitchens, the washing machine, basically everything they provide in a unit. You can even have a small gathering among yourselves in the unit instead of going out. Just make sure you clean up the mess after your gathering. These are the perks you do not get to enjoy from staying in a hotel room.

  • Lower price than hotel

Hotel rooms are usually made for 2 persons. If it is a group travel, you will then have to book at least 2 or 3 hotel rooms. Which will then cost you a lot. By renting a whole unit with 2 or 3 bedrooms from Airbnb, it is much more affordable than booking 2 or 3 hotel rooms. Most importantly, you get a more spacious space by paying a lower price, with a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. The price of Airbnb is usually lower than hotel rooms with comparable, if not, better quality. Less price, but more space. Airbnb is definitely a more affordable option for group travelling.

  • Washing machine and dryers

Most airbnb comes with washing machine and dryers. This is a very useful combination for travellers that pack light. Travellers get to do their own laundry at their convenience without having to pay for extra laundry fees. Unlike staying in a hotel, you actually need to engage with the laundry service to get your laundry done.


In conclusion, it all boils down to personal preferences when it comes to choosing accommodation. Know the differences between staying in a hotel and staying in an Airbnb before you make the decision.

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